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LGBT Friendly employer

Comment trouver un employeur LGBT sympathique

Over the course of this struggle, many LGBT job seekers struggle to find work with employers who will not respect their rights, but who will welcome and support them. Here’s a guide to finding LGBT-friendly employers in this changing landscape.

One of your first tactics should be to look for evidence from employers who already have a diverse workforce and want you to know it. Check mission statements published by companies and evaluate their public profile. Look for the organizations and charities they support. Investigate the highest ranks of management for minorities and women.

You should also check the type of communication that the company shares on its website and on social media. Does the employer expressly express pride in being inclusive and respectful of all the people it employs and the clients it serves? Large urban businesses can of course be more diverse because they can rely on a larger pool of talent. But employers who value diversity often want it to be very clear no matter where they are

In addition to examining how a company represents itself, research other sources. Check the trade journals and publications to see how the employer has been covered in the press. The Human Rights Campaign Foundation also publishes a corporate equality index highlighting LGBT-friendly employers. Look to see how an employer you plan to cumulat

Look for the organizations and charities they support. Investigate the highest ranks of management for minorities and women.
You should also do some research on Google in the employer’s dispute history. If the company has been involved in lawsuits for employment-related issues, it may be a red flag.

Employers who are justifiably proud of their commitment to diversity see themselves as employers « offering equal employment opportunities ». For those who do, you can usually find a note to this effect in job postings, promotional material for job seekers and on the company’s website.

Look for companies that have zero tolerance policies for discrimination, harassment and retaliation by looking at company manuals and policies. If you can not get these resources through Human Resources, find out about diversity training opportunities for employees and supervisors. It is also important to check whether a company has a reasonable accommodation policy and how it responds to requests for accommodation.

The problem is that an employer must rely on its public brand for concrete policies that it respects

A LGBT-friendly and diverse business will often be proud to offer benefits that will appeal to a wide variety of employees. These may include full health coverage, including for spouses or same-sex partners, as well as different types of leave, such as paid family leave, maternity leave, paternity leave and vacation leave. paid illness.

Some companies have employee-specific or LGBT employee-focused affinity resources or groups that provide internal opportunities to meet, network and discuss common workplace challenges. These groups can also be used to reduce feelings of isolation, reduce staff turnover and increase employee engagement. They can also serve as shelters for expressing grievances and discussing potential problems with co-workers or supervisors. Employees can share valuable tips with those who may have encountered similar problems and find practical solutions.

An important caveat though: in job applications and interviews, LGBT candidates must make sure to focus on their talents, skills and qualifications – there is no reason or need to disclose the identity gender or sexual orientation. The decision of an individual to express himself should be in accordance with his own terms – especially at a time when the legal protections of these categories are far from universal and disclosure can open the door to discrimination. This is something that LGBT-friendly employers are sensitive to and should always understand and respect.

Fortunately, employers are increasingly recognizing the need to include all types of employees in the hiring process – it’s a unique way to attract and retain the best talent in a job market where they are. more and more difficult to do it. For LGBT job seekers, the clues you are looking for are for the most part closer to you than they ever have been. And the easier they are to find, the better the indication that you have located an LGBT-friendly employer.